Welcome to antimacomidas.in
  1. Antima Comidas Private Limited is a company established under the latest provisions of the Companies Act and through its online marketplace, represented by antimacomidas.in and www.antimacomidas.com and the respective social media handles is in the business of providing prebiotics, probiotics, fermented products, traditional and contemporary pastes, pickles, sauces, butter and other processed foods. Antima Comidas and it’s online entities would hereinafter be referred to as the Producer or the Website and is applicable in all sections of this website.
  2. Customers are required to check with their doctors, physicians and dieticians if the consumption of any of these products are detrimental and unsuitable for any medication that they are presently using, or any condition that is not conducive to consuming these products.
  3. The ingredients are mentioned in every product, but detailed recipes are the proprietary privilege of the company. Any such disclosure can only be made if requested by a certifying lab or a government agency which is authorized to do so.
  4. The details about the amounts that can be consumed by adults, children, lactating and pregnant mothers are provided in the FAQ section. (provide hyperlink)
  5. There is no exchange or return policy, unless the products are damaged during shipping. Any such damages would be replaces with the same product provided it is brought to the notice of the producer, on receipt of these products. Claims after 1 hour of delivery will not be entertained.
  6. It is recommended to refrigerate all these products and use it before the mentioned expiry dates, which are on the labels as well as in the ordering and storage instructions provided on the website.
  7. Fermented products tend to give out a fizz which is normal, and it is very important to refrigerate these products. Refrigeration stops further fermentation, but products stored for a longer time do ferment a little slowly.
  8. The Customer will indemnify the Company for any losses caused beyond an amount equivalent to the purchase of the product or rupess thousand (INR 1000/-) whichever is lower in value.
  9. The jurisdiction for any unlikely dispute would be the courts of Bangalore. Our shipping at present is limited to Bangalore, due to the nature of the products.
  10. It is the responsibility of the Customers to ensure that children do not have unrestricted or unsupervised access to the consumption of these products. The Company will not be held responsible for such use by children less than 18 years old or those who are old or incapacitated to understand the use and utility of these products.
  11. Any dispute in payments not being realized would be settled as per the terms and conditions of such third party payment gateway providers or banks, whose terms and conditions are incorporated by reference to these Terms and Conditions.