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  1. Kimchi noodles

2 packets of Noodles. Or about 100 grams, boiled and strained. Let it cool down a bit. Add 2 tablespoons of Kimchi. Nothing else. This will probably be the best noodles you have ever had. Hakka Noodles are also a great companion. Our Kimchi is 100% Vegetarian.

If you are really into fusion, we strongly recommend Kimchi Spaghetti or even Kimchi Pasta to make it delightfully ostentatious.

  1. The humble Puliyogare.

Our Puliyogare mix is fortified with Baobab. An extremely recommended prebiotic. Just sauté make a tadka of curry leaves, mustard and peanuts. Prepare rice in a cooker.

For 1 cup of raw rice, cooked, that can easily serve 3 people (depending on how much you like our mix), add 3 to 4 tablespoons of our puliyogare mix and the Tadka. Now, please write a glorious review when it is still lingering on your tongues. We like it when you wax eloquent and sing our praises.

  1. Thai Green Ccurry

We’ve used Galangal, thai basil, lemon grass and a whole lot of super stuff in here. Kaafir lime leaves that are so sacred. Stir fry non cruciferous veggies, Add 3 tablespoons of our thai green curry paste and about 250 ml of coconut milk.

Now, pair it with some rice and feel like you are on a beach in Bangkok and are being pampered with the best of the orient. Easily serves 2.

  1. The classic Pesto.

We’ve not messed with this with the exception of using Pistachios instead of Pine Nuts. Virgin olive oil in abundance and fresh garlic and basil to complete the dance. Use it as a spread, or with some Pasta. If you have some Parmesan, please keep the grater handy.