Welcome to antimacomidas.in
  1. Antima Comidas is always keen to partner with home kitchens who have the required certification (FSSAI) to help us expand our network. We are eager to partner with passionate chefs who share our values.
  2. We source most of our products from organic farms and directly from producers or manufacturers. We welcome such partnerships. So, a farmer who grows gooseberry, betel leaves, tamarind, guavas, seasonal fruits, vegetables and spices are welcome to join us in our mission.
  3. We require a regular supply of glass bottles, ceramic jars and packaging equipment. We welcome such partnerships.
  4. We are keen to partner with third party delivery and logistics organizations who are committed to safe and accurate deliveries.
  5. We are constantly in the look out for culinary experts, nutritionists and dieticians to help us build a resource pool and also sign up as advisers.
  6. We would also like to explore a long standing partnership with an online influencer, who truly believes in our products and is desirous of endorsing our products.