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Vision – Greater Immunity for every Community

Mission – Our mission is to provide affordable nutrition by helping everyone who is genuinely concerned with the health and immunity of themselves and their families by including Super foods in their diet. Our goal is to introduce prebiotics, probiotics, fermented products and healthy recipes from both traditional and contemporary cuisines by using the best ingredients.

Antima Comidas

Antima means Ultimate. Comidas means food in Spanish. Antima Comidas means Ultimate Food.

Antima Comidas is a result of meticulous research, careful sourcing, strict adherence to proven techniques of fermentation, devotional reverence to traditional recipes and clinically curated producs for a healthy lifestyle.

Antima Comidas has a vision to empower home kitchens to cater to their immediate neighborhood, through a proximate commerce model ensuring sustainable delivery of food.

Our Products include Prebiotics like Zaatar fortified with Baobab, Probiotics like Kefir and Kombucha, fermented products like Kimchi and Sauerkraut and some mouthwatering traditional and contemporary fare. Our ready to mix pastes and pickles help you save time and dish out exciting stuff.

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